Add role

The add role section allows you to add a reusable user role. The role can be configured for granular access to your event and can be assigned to any user.

Role name
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The role name section allows you to set the name of the role.

The options for ‘check-all’ and ‘remove all’ will either ‘select’ all options or ‘remove’ all selected options.

Role Section
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The role ‘section’ is the ‘section’ the user will have access to. This can then be configured as to what the user can do.

Role display
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The role display option will determine if the ‘section’ will display in the navigation for the user.

Role add
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The role ‘add’ option will determine if the user is able to ‘add’ an element to this section.

For example, if a user has ‘add’ access to the ‘alerts’ section. They will be able to ‘add’ and alert.

Edit role
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The edit role option will determine if a user can ‘edit’ a specific item.

Note: Some options like edit and add allow for multiple things, for example an add setting for session also allows a user to add a location or track as they are tied to sessions.

Delete role
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The delete role option will determine if a user can ‘delete’ an item.