Manage sessions

The manage session section allows you to edit or delete a specific session as well as download qr codes and session templates.

Download QR codes
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The download QR code button will generate a zip file that will contain all the QR codes for sessions.

The name of the QR code file will correspond to the session ID

Note: Session IDs are displayed under the session title

Download session spreadsheet
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The session spreadsheet download will generate a ‘spreadsheet’ file that contains all the session information.

This spreadsheet can be used in the ‘bulk’ upload section to ‘import’ sessions.

Delete all sessions
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The delete all session button will PERMINATLY delete all session.

Before doing this, please ensure you no longer need these session.

Session list
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In the manage session section, each session will be listed out.

The list will display:

  • Session Name
  • Session ID
  • Session Rating [if any]
  • Session Tracks [if any]
  • Session date
  • Session start / end time
  • Generate QR code link
  • Edit / Delete links