Home icons

The Home Icons section allows you to build out your home screen icons. From here you can configure what icons and sections will be accessible from both the home screen and slide out menus

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The show option allows you to ‘hide’ a specific icon. When an icon is set to hide, it will not display in the event.

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The lock section allows you to ‘lock’ a section. Depending on the settings, setting this to ‘Locked’ will prompt the user if they are not validated in-app. Note: The lock icon will only be displayed if ‘Require registration’ OR ‘Require check-in’ options are selected in the configuration section.

Change icon
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The change icon button allows you to ‘change’ the icon associated with the button. You can select from a pre-defined list of icons. When this is set, the icon will be used at the button icon as well in the side menu slide-out.

Section linked to
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The section linked to drop down allows you to set where the button should link to.

Agenda The agenda section type will link to by-day listing of the sessions. First listing out the days, once clicked on, it will take the user to a listing of sessions for that day. Additionally, there will be a listing of days across the top for easy navigation between days.

Amenity The amenity will link users to the listing of amenities.

Attendees The attendee option will link users to a full listing of all attendees.

Feed The feed option will link users to the social feed or wall. This is a community forum where users can interact, post photos or comments about the event.

Exhibitors The exhibitors option is a full listing of all exhibitors for the event. Additionally, if there are any sponsor or exhibitor products, these too will be listed under a separate tab in this listing.

File The file option allows you to link to a specific ‘File’ to be downloaded. This can be any web-accessible file URL. Triggering this option will show a ‘URL’ box to enter the file location.

Maps The maps option will link users to a listing of all event maps.

Photo The photo option will link users to the events photo gallery. Depending on the styling you have selected, this may be a slideshow, grid, or card display.

QR Code The qr code option will trigger the barcode scanner to open.

Rss The rss option allows you to link to an RSS feed URL [must be a valid rss feed] When a user taps on this, it will open a listing of all items from the RSS feed, clicking on an item will navigate to the details of that item.

SectionSet The section set option allows you to link to ‘Any’ section or item in the event, allowing you to map directly to a session or sponsor, even a specific product.

Once sectionset is selected, a modal window will open an ask you to first pic a section, then select an item from that section

Sessions The session option will link to a full listing of the sessions in alphabetical order

Social The social option will link to the twitter section. [You must have configured the twitter setting in the CMS]

Speaker The speaker option will link to a full listing of speaker for the event.

Sponsors The sponsors option will link to a full listing on the sponsors, listed out depending on the sponsor type [e.g Gold, silver, bronze]

Survey The survey option allows you to link to a ‘stand-alone’ survey.

Tracks The tracks option will link you to a full listing of tracks for the event.

URL The url option allows you to link a button to a URL. A URL will then open in a new window for further viewing.

Video The Video option allows you to enter a web-accessible video (mp4) for viewing in the app. This will trigger a native ‘video’ player to open an play the video.


Button display text
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The button display text section allows you to change the button text. When a button type is set to ‘Icon’ the text is limited to 10 character, however switching to a ’tile’ allows for longer text input.

Button color
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The button color option allows you to change the background color of the button.