The photos section allows you to configure how the photo gallery will work in your app.

Photo gallery type
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The photo gallery type allows you to select from 3 differnt options.

  • Slideshow
  • Grid
  • Card

Slideshow The slideshow option will display your photos in a ‘slideshow’ format, allowing user to swipe through your event photos

Grid The grid option will list our your event photos in a grid format

Card The card option will list our your photos in a ‘card’ view. In addition, the option also exposes the ability for attendees to comment and ‘like’ a photo.

Set photo approval
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The set photo approval option allows you to set if uploaded photos will be ‘auto’ approved or will need a ‘manual’ approval. When set to auto approve, any uploaded photo will be automatically approved and moved into the photo-stream for viewing. When set to ‘manual’ approval, each photo will need to be ‘approved’ under the ‘photos’ section of the CMS.