Sponsor groups

Add exhibitor / sponsor groups

Sponsor groups allows you to group sponsors in specific categories such as Gold, Silver, Bronze etc. 

Sponsor grouping allows you customize the sorting of sponsors in the app. 

Add new type
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The add new type allows you to add a new ‘Sponsor’ type to your event. 

A sponsor type is a categorization such as Gold, Silver, Bronze. 

Type Order

The type order will be used to determine the position of each type. For example, a group with a type order of 1 will be above a group with and order of 2 etc. 

In the app, with a given order 

  • 1 – Gold
  • 2 – Silver
  • 3 – Bronze 

The order of groupings would be Gold, Silver, Bronze. Changing these order will change how sponsors are listed in the app. 


Add sponsor type

The sponsor type section is the display name of the sponsor type you wish to add.


Sponsor type select
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The sponsor type select allows you to select the sponsor type associated with the sponsor. 


If a sponsor type is not listed, simply use the add new type button to add a new sponsor type.

Sponsor order
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The sponsor order section allows you to set the order in witch the specific sponsor will display in a grouping. 

An example of this is 

Sponsor Z must be at the top of the platinum sponsor grouping, above sponsor A. When setting sponsor z’s order to 1 and sponsor a’s to 2 sponsor z will display above sponsor a.