Add users

The add user section allows you to add users to your event(s). This section will allow you add a  users and assign a role for that user.

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Enter the first and last name of the user you wish to add.

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The email address will act as the users ‘users’ name when logging into the system.

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The password section is used to set the new users password. This password must meet the password specifications

  • 1 lowercase and 1 uppercase
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character
  • Minimum 8 characters

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The roles dropdown allows you to select what ‘Role’ an attendee should have. If ‘MASTER Admin’ is selected, a user will have full access to the event, allowing them to add users, manage the account etc.  

Select events
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The select event option allows you to select what ‘event’ the user will have access to. If a user should have access to all events, simply check the ‘show all events’ The events will be displayed after logging in, and available in the ‘select event’ drop-down.