The ConBop dashboard is the main entrypoint for you event. Giving high-level information about your event and how you event performing. Some key areas are  

Attendee Engagement
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Attendee engagement graph shows how much interaction your event is getting, during a specific date range. This graph will indicate how many click or tap actions your event has received. While the total clicks is the aggregate of all devices, you can easily view the device breakdown as well. Showing how much interaction your event is getting based on a specified device type

Device Breakdown
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The device breakdown is a listing of each device who accessed your event during the designated time period. The device breakdown will show

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Web
Hovering over each section in the graph will display the number of times each device type interacted with the event during that time period

Users Online
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The users online section the current number of attendees who are active in the app, this is an aggregate over all devices.

Top Sessions
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The top sessions section shows the most popular session, given the specific filter date. This will also indicate the number of times the session has been ‘clicked’ on during that timeframe.

Top Action
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The top action will display the most frequent action in the app given the date filter. This can include things like ‘Session Details’ or ‘ App Open’

Total entries
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The total entries section will list out the total number of ‘New’ entries given the filter date. A new entry is defined as a user entering in the ‘event id’ and accessing the event for the first time.

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The location shows the number of visits from a specific location. This location is based off IP address, so exact location may not be achievable due to a number of factors such as VPN or IP routing. This data should be used as an approximation of the location