Bulk import

The session bulk import section allows you to use a ‘spreadsheet’ to ‘bulk’ import your session data.

Note: You must use the ‘session template’ for bulk import of session.

Download Session template
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The download session template will download a ‘blank’ template file.

Note: To download a template with the current session information, navigate to the ‘Manage session’ page and select ‘download session spreadsheet’

Session template
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The session template contains multiple rows, allowing you to enter in session information for bulk upload.

Template – name
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The name section is the ‘Name’ or ‘Title’ of the session.

Template – location
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The location section can be any location name for your event. If a location title does not match one currently in the system, one will be added.

Template – description
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The template description is the details of the specific section.

Template – tracks
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The template tracks is the track[s] a session has attached to them. This can be any track in the event.

If a track is not in the system, one will be added with the given name.

To add multiple tracks, simply separate them with a comma.

e.g track1, track2

Template – survey
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The template survey allows you to assign a survey to a session. Simply enter in the survey ID to this area.

Note: The survey must already be in the system.

Template – session ID
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The template session id section, when populated will ‘attempt’ to ‘update’ the specific session using the provided session ID.

The session ID must be in a ‘bracket’ format such as

[sessionid]  Replace sessionID with the actual session id

Template – speakers
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The template speaker section allows you to add a list of speakers to a session.

This can be a ‘list’ of speaker IDs. This list must be in a ‘bracket’ format

e.g [123456,5654334] 

Template – video URL
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The video URl section can contain any valid ‘video’ source for a session.

The format must be in https format

Template – sponsors
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Template sponsor section can be a bracket list of sponsors associated with the session



Note: Sponsors must already be in the system

template – date
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The template date is the ‘date’ the session will take place and must be in



Template – star/end time
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The start and end time must be in a AM / PM time format.


10:30 AM


10:30 PM   Note: Start time must be before end time.