Add alert

The add alert section allows you to send out alerts to your event. Each alert can be segmented or scheduled as well as with a push notification or not.

Send push
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The send push notification option when set to ‘yes’ will send a ‘push’ notification along with the alert. The push notification will show if the app is in a background or closed state.

When the push notification is sent, the title will be used for the push notification, when a user ‘taps’ on the notification it will open the app and show the alert.

Notification type
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The notification type allows you to segment the push notification based on

  • All
  • Attendee
  • Attendee group

All The all type will broadcast the alert to ‘All’ users of the app

Attendee Broadcast to a single attendee or up to 5 other attendees.

Attendee group The attendee group allows you to send a target push notification to an attendee group.

Schedule alert
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The schedule alert allows you to set a specific time and date for the alert to be sent.

Alert title
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The alert title will is the title of the alert to be sent. This title will also be used as the push notification title.

Alert details
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The alert details will be the body of the alert. This information will give context to the alert and will be displayed in-app.