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ConBop offers a range of packages, from single events and white labeled apps to unlimited multi-event packages. Our goal is to ensure you get exactly what you need, all while working with your budget.

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The ConBop standard event app package is our off the shelf event app solution. The solution includes all the robust ConBop features and can be used immediately. This package is great for events of all sizes and timelines, just enter your content and go!
The ConBop white label package gives you ultimate flexibility and branding opportunities for your event app by allowing customization to not only the in-app experience but the external app store, app splash screen, and app icon. This package does take a little longer and is best when events are at least 60 days out *If you need a white label sooner please contact us for expedited builds
Does your organization do more than 1 event a year or your looking for a year round app? ConBop offers generous incentives and promotions for customers in need for more than just one app. Contact us for more information.
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For Event Organizers Listing of all Features


Awesome Analytics

Analytics keep you ahead of the game. Keep on track of your user experience and track trends and anticipate needs through our robust analytics dashboard.

Push notification

Instant Push Notifications! Connect instantly

Push notifications send messages across your entire audience. This important communication tool is useful for sponsored booth drivers to your partner exhibits, schedule updates, or a quick "welcome" message.

Event App Surveys

Unlimited Surveys Get the feedback you need

Surveys offer real-time feedback. Collect valuable data and analytics with our comprehensive in-app surveys. These can be configured based on your needs – multiple choice, text responses and ratings are included.

Push notification

Complete control of all your content Our intuitive CMS

Utilize our bulk upload feature to save valuable time & resources. Make up-to- the- minute changes and real-time updates as your conference flows. Our intuitive administrative dashboard makes keeping your information current a breeze.

Customize you event app

Customization, customization, customization Don't be locked in

With ConBop you are never locked in to one look. With the option of 'Icons' or 'Tiles' you can now create events that really represent you and your brand by utilizing your own images to create a visually stunning wall or opt for a more traditional 'Icon' based look. The option is yours!

QR Codes

QR Codes Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Attendees

The ConBop event app generates QR codes on the fly for use at your event. With easy to use QR code generation you can easily create your conference badges, even do a full export of all attendees and QR codes for easy badge creation.

For Attendees Listing of all Features


Personalized Agenda Design your agenda

Personalized agendas allow attendees to easily navigate the event experience. Customized agendas can be integrated into the device calendar for reminders.

Push notification

Networking Personalized profiles

Networking is maximized through a mobile event app. Personalized attendee profiles allow for sharing contact, business and social media information. Easily connect with other attendees to build business relationships or catch up with an old friend.

Event App Surveys

In-app chatting Talk, Plan, Reconnect

In-app chatting provides an instant messaging platform for users to connect. Create new business contacts, set up meeting or locate a colleague through the chatting feature.

Push notification

Photo gallery Comments, Likes and more

The Photo gallery and message board give the audience a sense of community with shared experiences. Post pictures with captions, coordinate a ride share, lost/found announcements or share in the fun of your event.

Customize you event app

My Details Attendee specific details

With attendee specific details you can now target each attendee directly by including specific things like 'You have a meeting at 10' or just simple documents they may need all targeted to individual attendees!

QR Codes

Offline browsing Works with or without a connection

Having the most current information accessible at all times is easy with off-line browsing. Even with a weak or non-existent signal your attendees will always have conference info in their hands.

For Sponsors Listing of all Features


Sponsor banners Limitless impressions

Sponsor banners offer limitless qualified impressions as they rotate throughout your mobile event app. Track click through rates and prove valuable ROI for your partners.

Push notification

Promotional opportunities Push notifications, Splash Screen

Promotional opportunities abound for your sponsors in the event app. Send push notifications to promote a booth or a sponsored message to the audience. Beautiful full color logos reinforce brand recognition across the event.

Event App Surveys

Company profiles Tailor your message

Personalized company profiles allow your Partners to completely tailor their information to your audience. Complete contact information provided and social media buttons including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook as well!

Push notification

Lead Generation QR code, Badge scanning

QR codes within the event app allow for sponsors to gather attendee information for sales opportunities and new business prospects. Attendees can opt-in for drawings, contests & more.

Customize you event app

Heightened Visibility App background, button

Give a heightened visibility to your sponsors in the event app with dynamic full color in app back drops. This allows your sponsors to remain in the forefront of the audience’s gaze the entire event.

QR Codes

Splash Screen App Splash Screen

Splash screens offer a unique opportunity to promote sponsorships within your mobile event app. This screen is full color and completely brand-able and is the first screen users see when first accessing the event app. Avaliable only with white label package

Full list of features

Allows you to add an attendee to your device contacts directly from the app
Schedule alerts to be sent at specific times
Send alerts to your attendees with things like 'room change' or 'dinner is at 7'
List out different amenities like hotel or local restaurants, event map to their address from inside the app
Get greater in-sight into your event with in-app analytics showing every aspect of your event.
Attendee Groups allow you to group attendees by as many groups as you would like, allowing you to create groups like staff or admin. This gives amazing flexibility in you event app, attendees can even add themselves to groups via the app for greater interaction.
Allow your attendees to edit their profiles right inside the app!
Allow agendas to sync between your different devices
List out your attendees in the app, displaying they social information and bios
Allows attendees to add sessions to their own agenda
Allows attendees to add agenda items to their device calendar
Manage every aspect of your event with our content management system
Allow your home screen to be customized with a custom background of your choosing
Allow for complete branding by uploading your own custom logo for the app
Allows you to change the header and footer colors of the app top and bottom banners
Using section sets can link to any sections directly, things like key-note
Display all your exhibitors and their social media and bio's
Have a message board / forum in your app for user interactions, additonally every sessions has its own forum for unique sessions specific talks
Upload files to use as a direct mapping or as part of an alert
Have free form items to list out welcome messages or wifi passwords
Allows you to add pagination to the home screen by configuring how many icons should show on a specific page, even configurable between tablet and phone
Allows your attendees to start a chat with other attendees' in-app
Map a room or sponsor / exhibitor booth directly in the app, helping people fid exactly where a sessions is or booth is located
Upload image maps of your event that will even work offline
Tie sessions to multiple tracks directly from the sessions management section
Allows you to have multiple login IDs for an event (Regular and VIP) for security between groups
Allow your attendees to take notes on sessions, sponsors, exhibitors, and speakers and export to email
Once in the app, allow for offline browsing of the app regardless of network connection
Give attendees personalized 'attendee only' messages that only they can see
Allow attendees to share photos with other attendees at the event
When using Card allow attendees to ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a photo
Allows you to choose between Gallery, Grid, or Card display types
Preset an attendee’s agenda by setting what sessions they should see from the CMS
Send custom push notifications to your attendees right from the back-end of the ConBop system
QR Code integration for scanning qr codes at your event
QR share to allow attendees to share information with vendors and sponsors
Lock your event down to require registration in app or allow for only those already in the system to register
Have your app be auto login or password protected, event lock down sections based on attendee validation
Create your home screen from over 200 different icons
Display out all your sessions, display as an alpha list or by day
Allow speakers to create their own profile directly in the app, saving your time and money
All sessions a speaker is speaking at will be listed under their bio for easy navigation
List out all your speakers, this will also display the sessions they will be speaking at.
Allows you add a sponsor banner, choosing to have it go to a website or their detail page
Create sponsor types like ‘Gold, silver, bronze’ and assign them to your sponsors
Give sponsors priority in a group by weighting their display order
List out your sponsors in the app displaying bios and social media
Attach files directly to a session as a supporting document (Fliers, brochures etc.)
Allows for custom surveys to be built and used for sessions or stand-alone buttons to help gather information from your users
Create an even more branded / unique event app by uploading your own images as icons
Break your event out into different tracks like 'Business, marketing'
Integrate directly with your twitter or hashtag, storing it directly on the device