ConBop Apps [Admin, Users]

Users-Build: 1.3 - update 5-1-2023
  • Add attendee delete option. This screen allows attendees to request deletion of their account based off event id, email and PIN. This also includes 2FA support for the deletion
Admin-Build: 1.5.9 - update 1-9-2023
  • Fix multiple bugs
  • Update to file section for file edits.
  • Removal of email – prefix and from section as no longer valid
  • Removal of QR share for exhibitors / sponsors as no longer valid
  • Addition of ‘Lead Mail’ setting for exhibitors / sponsors
  • Add new external users section, allowing for speakers and exhibitor / sponsors to manage they profiles via a web interface
  • Add new section ‘Website builder’ allowing users to build and publish an event website
  • Add 3rd party integrations section, allowing integration with 3rd party apps for registration via ‘WebHooks’
  • New documentation section
  • Update to external user settings to allow for hiding the attendee name when viewing analytics
Users-Build: 1.2 - update 8-10-2022
  • Adding 2FA for users page login
  • Update to admin for hide attendee name settings
Admin-Build: 1.5.7 - update 8-10-2022
  • Update to alerts push notifications
  • Update to adding events and certificates
  • Update user welcome email and intents

Admin-Build: 1.5.6 - update 8-3-2022
  • Update to map point queries
  • Update to form post cache
  • Update to page build page to fix bug with height on move.
  • Update to push notification event ID
  • Update to sponsor banner cache
  • Update to Exhibitor / Sponsor default image
  • Add ‘img only’ option to card type in page builder


Build: - update 5-1-2023
  • Update to speaker name display under agenda or session section. Speakers will now display as First Name / Last Name
  • Update to sponsor banner to not scroll if only one banner is used
  • Update to sponsor banner to make banner selection random, so the order is not the same for each page load
  • Update to file / website handler for main screen. If icon type is website / file and no link is provided, better error handling has been put in place to better indicate this.
  • Delete account option added to app. Allowing attendees to delete their profile and associated data.
Build: - update 1-9-2023
  • Minor bug fixes for performance
  • Update to banner ads and admin
  • Addition of Staff code section, allowing for ‘staff’ to turn app into a ‘check-in’ for session by scanning their badges
  • Addition of exhibitor / sponsor pin, allowing an exhibitor / sponsor to generate leads via the app, allowing for both the ability to ‘scan’ an attendee badge OR generate a ‘manual’ lead. All leads are sent to their lead mail as well as to the analytics
  • Speaker files are now listed under their profile.
Build: - update 9-3-2022
  • Update to address caching of splash screen on IOS devices
  • Update to tile layout for IOS where tiles would not always update
Build: 3.9.6 - update 8-3-2022
  • Update to maps address
  • Update to leave event functions
  • Update to Socket reconnect message
  • Update to sponsor banner cache
  • Update banner save
  • Update to page builder hero slider from fade to cross fade
  • Added functionality to add ‘image only’ slide to page builder
  • Fix for condition where adding a post without an image at times was adding blank image

API Updates

Build: 1.2 - update 8-11-2022
  • Update to policy handling