Mobile event app for iPhone

Mobile Event App for iPhone

Mobile event apps for iPhone

The iPhone is perhaps the best selling phone on the market and has a devoted following like no other. It seems that every time a new one comes out, everyone's in line to buy one. That's why it's important you have a mobile event app built for iPhones. ConBop has been developed and designed to work optimally on the iPhone and can be found on iTunes.

Fully customizable iPhone application

The ConBop application works on any iPhone on the market. Custom branding, speaker bios, sponsor banners, full color display, and unlimited access are all included. The mobile event app is designed to keep attendees engaged with interactive maps, surveys, polls, and lets you communicate through push notifications.

We build it all

ConBop has been built to support all of iPhone's features and works in concert with the technology to deliver an unparalleled user experience. If there's a feature or function you want built in, send us a note we're always happy to help. No two events are alike and we'll build you an app that's as unique as your organization.

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While ConBop would love to support every single version of each platform it's just not a realistic goal, as such ConBop uses the 'Current Version minus one' approach meaning we will support the most current version of the platform as well as the previous version. This does not however mean ConBop will not work on lower version it just means we may have not validated every feature on versions outside our testing scope
This will depend on the package you have selected, if you wish to have your own app icon then you will need to be on the white label package otherwise your attendees will access the app by clicking on the ConBop logo and entering their event ID

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