Mobile event app for iPad

Mobile App for iPad

Event apps for iPad

For some folks, an iPad replaces the use of a personal computer or laptop. If your attendees are using larger devices, ConBop is your partner in creating custom event apps for the iPad. Reach your whole audience through any device or tablet, any time or place.

Full customization options

Our iPad event app is fully customizable and allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate your brand and theme into your app. The platform gives you the power to deliver interactive features to keep your audience engaged and help you connect with your audience like never before. Get started now and you'll be up and running in no time.

Launch your iPad app today

With our off-the-shelf all-inclusive option, it doesn't take long to get your mobile event app set up and ready to go. Our iPad conference app can be set up within a few hours so you can start using it literally within one day. Adding content and customizing your event is super easy with our intuitive CMS back end. Our primary goal is to meet your changing needs to make meetings and events easier than ever.

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While ConBop would love to support every single version of each platform it's just not a realistic goal, as such ConBop uses the 'Current Version minus one' approach meaning we will support the most current version of the platform as well as the previous version. This does not however mean ConBop will not work on lower version it just means we may have not validated every feature on versions outside our testing scope
This will depend on the package you have selected, if you wish to have your own app icon then you will need to be on the white label package otherwise your attendees will access the app by clicking on the ConBop logo and entering their event ID

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