Photos incite excitement in mobile event apps

Get everyone in on the action with a mobile event app

Get everyone in on the action with a mobile event app

With every event come new and innovative uses from a mobile event app. Since most attendees are social media savvy, one of the biggest influencers in an event app is the photo gallery. You’d be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t love a selfie or a great sunset shot. At a recent event, we saw the engagement from exhibitor to attendee go sky high with the use of booth giveaways.

The exhibitor was giving away stuffed animals in the shape of their mascot, which happens to be a cute cuddly monkey. They decorated their booth with pictures of their mascot in various stages of a convention: traveling, studying materials, and giving a keynote.  As they passed out their tchotchkes, they asked the attendees to join in the fun and snap pictures of their beloved mascot in various poses at the event. Having fun wasn’t the only incentive: the person with the best picture would receive a $200 Amex gift card on the last day of the conference. All they had to do was add the picture to the photo gallery in the mobile event app and tag their own name in the caption.

The participation was incredible: the photo gallery quickly filled up with the mascot in fun and inventive poses around the resort highlighting everything about the event.  In several snaps, he was sitting on the beach with a tropical cocktail or relaxing by the pool. The competitors even got in on the action pretending to kidnap the mascot and uploading a “ransom” letter.

By the end of the conference, they had achieved their goal – to saturate the event with their name and mascot and reach every single attendee. There wasn’t a single attendee that didn’t see the fun and interactive pictures participants uploaded. It was a clever way to increase interaction and name recognition through a mobile event app.

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  1. The photo gallery in this event app really makes it a lot of fun and engages the audience. This was used extensively at our event and gave us the perspective of the attendee and let us see it through their experience. The photos and the surveys helped us get feedback and make sure everyone had a great time. All of the hard work really paid off, this mobile event app helped us see that.

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