Mobile event apps put the show floor in the palm of your hand

mobile event apps

Mobile event apps allow users to track and take notes on suppliers

Mobile apps give all users – attendees and partners – the ability to navigate the conference floor in ways we never had before. Before the use of mobile event apps, the relationship was pretty one-sided: vendors had to scan the badges of attendees interested in their products to follow up at a later date. It really didn’t give the attendees the option to digitally capture the supplier’s contact information and make notes on the products or services they were seeking. Not only did this slight the attendees’ options in selecting and finding the right partner in a large event, it really limited an attendees’ opportunity to make their own selection of potential partners.

A mobile event app can help your attendees navigate the show floor and find the right suppliers for their organization’s needs. Using a QR code scanner, the traditional relationship is reversed: attendees can scan the codes and badges of vendors and suppliers to indicate their interest in a product or service. Contact information including email, website and phone number can be stored as well as notes regarding their services. The interest list is stored on the mobile event app for reference any time. This relationship really allows users to maximize their time spent on the show floor. Since everything is provided digitally, there is no need for flyers, business cards or other printed collateral.

Mobile event apps provide users on both ends a beneficial opportunity to grow business and make connections in new and exciting ways. We’re no longer tied to the one sided relationship: walking that show floor and grabbing a business card for a specific supplier.

One comment on “Mobile event apps put the show floor in the palm of your hand

  1. This event app is very easy to use. I used it at an event in Vegas and decided to show the product to our marketing team for use at our own events. It is also very informative and helps you make the most of your time at an event. I have used a few mobile apps at different events and this one is the best.

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