Mobile event apps ensure data-driven decisions with survey metrics

mobile event app

Let your users have their say with surveys

One of the most efficient ways to continually improve your conference program work is to gather and analyze audience experience at your event. Giving opportunities for feedback lets you gauge the user experience and ensure an excellent program. Surveys are the perfect vehicle for getting this information. Here’s how our mobile event app can help you learn more so you can deliver more of what your users want.

We offer tailor made flexibility

  • Capture exactly the information you want in a way that is convenient for your audience. Our surveys make responding easy and hassle free, too. No need for paper and pens. Attendees can record responses on their devices with just a few strokes.
  • Choose from a variety of feedback methods including multiple choices and rating scales. The surveys are scalable to fit your needs, develop survey scales to ask one or 25 questions.

Don’t lose valuable data with other, more cumbersome mobile event app surveys. Our superior flexibility and ease of use means you get the information you want because users are more likely to respond.

Do more with comprehensive, in-app features

There are many moving parts to a convention or expo. Our surveys cover them all.

  • Capture real time ratings on speakers, about user experiences and more. Our in app feature includes an unlimited number of surveys to encourage diverse feedback across settings.
  • Collect data and analytics for sharper decision making.

Use what you learn to make immediate improvements that can increase user engagement and satisfaction and, of course, drive a better event.

Save planning and review time

Plan events more efficiently by bringing user voices to the table with survey data collected in the app.

  • Back end data compilation means you can easily access the information you need without spending hours wading through paper surveys.
  • Use our in app survey feature to export your findings to an excel document. Share any insights gleaned from the data with colleagues or to support your ideas during a presentation.

Surveys are a critical tool for improving customer engagement and driving customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive in app survey feature makes it easy to get targeted feedback, make immediate and long term improvements, track trends and respond to user concerns. Give us a call. Our friendly team will work with you to configure a survey that captures exactly the information you need.


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