Mobile event apps build sense of community at events

Sharing our experiences as they happen is now a big part of our culture. The habit is so natural it’s become second nature. That means it is more important than ever to connect users with apps that are fun and easy to use yet relevant across a variety of social media platforms. Think about it. We communicate with pictures – taking selfies is the new norm, share “likes,” send instant messages and more. We have come to regard instant communication, information and feedback as the norm. Mobile event apps are an important way to tap into the cultural habit of creating community through social media.

Conbop specializes in customizable mobile event apps

Mobile event apps help users build community by improving social networking opportunities during events. This is done with features we support including:

Social media integration – We make connecting easy for everyone at conferences.

  • Attendees will appreciate being able to quickly share personal profiles with colleagues, access their conference agenda and even set reminders.
  • Sponsors can easily feature banners with limitless qualified impressions that rotate through the mobile event app.
  • Organizers can easily customize the mobile event app to highlight the most important features for the event.

Photo galleries – What’s a conference without photos?

Photos help everyone – organizers, attendees and sponsors – tell a visual story about the event. Have a packed room? Tweet the photo. Meet someone you haven’t seen in years? Snap and post. Glad to be at the conference with colleagues? Say it with a selfie. Photo galleries make it easy to share the full experience of the conference.

Message boards – Mobile event apps encourage everyone to get the word out

  • Attendees can easily organize dinner plans or report a lost item.
  • Organizers can keep everything running smoothly by sharing information about a room change or sending a welcome message.
  • Sponsors can announce promotional opportunities throughout the event.

Mobile event apps aren’t only about sharing information or checking in on social media. They can make the difference between a well-organized conference or expo where everyone feels connected and engaged, and an event that leaves attendees wanting more. Use mobile event apps for an easy way to create or reinforce an impression of your brand in the minds of the users.

When you create opportunities to connect with your audience, attendees experience you as responsive. When you respond in ways that are meaningful, and with information that is tailored to your target audience you boost credibility. That is critical for cultivating a relationship leading to support through a sale or donation. Looking for new strategies to bring more people under your tent? Mobile event apps fit the bill.


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