Managing last minute changes with an android event app

Pulling off a successful event takes a considerable amount of effort. Countless hours, ideas, and careful consideration goes into planning all of the details of your audience’s experience. Even the most seasoned event professionals have to deal with last-minute changes during a conference. Whether it’s a delay, room change, or a shift in the schedule, an android event app can help communicate across your entire event in a matter of seconds. This useful tool can help facilitate your efforts and keep your event running smoothly. Below are some ways an android event app can assist in ensuring successful deliverance of your message:

Push notifications: These unique messages through an android event app allow you to reach all of your users in a matter of seconds. From the back end, you simply add the text you wish to send out to your audience. All users will be able to receive your message immediately. Whether it’s a shift from a major storm raining out your seaside lunch, or capacity issue, push notifications in your android event app can help save the day.

Real-time updates: Utilizing an android event app allows you to seamlessly update your agenda on the fly. Utilizing an intuitive CMS, accessing all session information is quick and simple. If there is a change in presenters or a location change, update your android event app with the mist current information in real time.

Message boards: Users of android event apps are used to checking in on the message boards throughout the event. An additional effort in coordinating last minute changes is a descriptive post on the message board. This will allow all users accessing this tool the chance to receive your update and help you handle a potentially sticky situation.

Any way you slice it, changes are inevitable at any meeting or event. Using your android event app to update the audience can help you avoid delays and issues at your next event. If you think about it, an android event app is your user’s trusted partner in successfully navigating an event.

android event app

Android event apps allow for instant communication across your audience


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