Leveraging a mobile event app for your offsite event logistics

Mobile event apps for navigating offsite events

Mobile event apps for navigating offsite events

Corralling attendees to an offsite event during your conference may seem like herding cats. It’s often hard to predict how many folks will actually show up to an activity or reception off property. If they’re responsible for getting themselves there, clear and concise communication is key to maximizing attendance at these special events. A mobile event app can help you make sure your attendees know where to go and how to get there.

At a recent event, the organizers had nightly events that required attendees to meet at various restaurants within walking distance of the host hotel. Some evenings it was a cocktail or dinner reception, and one night was a walking tour of the local area. This particular night took the group to a series of local breweries and attractions that really showed off their city. Managing the communication to make sure everyone arrived at the right place at the correct time was coordinated through their mobile event app.

All of the activities of the event were included in the overall schedule of the program as well as prominently highlighted in the event app. Not only was the address and location included in the agenda; it was also set up in a separate amenities section with location and contact information included. When an attendee clicks on an address associated with a destination, the app loads the native mapping solution within the device. This allows for the attendee to get immediate walking or driving directions to that destination. It gives users full control to navigate in and around the convention site on their own. Whether you have a walking tour or a short drive, an event app can help ease your offsite logistics at your next event.

2 comments on “Leveraging a mobile event app for your offsite event logistics

  1. This is an incredible tool to assist with connecting at events. It helped us navigate a convention that had 500 plus vendors and we had a short time to get in front of the ones we were looking for. The mobile event app helped us make the most of our few hours at an event.

    It also helped me connect with an old colleague I hadn’t seen in a few years!

  2. We have an event coming up and hosting a group at a bar. I like the ability to get the people there without using signage or tour guides. We have tested it and the directions are accurate and it will definitely make our event so much easier and help us have a great event.

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