Instantly swap contact info across any device at your next event

Mobile event apps lead the way in engaging interactivity and are the foundation of a successful event experience. Attendees aren’t just looking to their event apps for general scheduling information. We rely on our apps to deliver fresh and dynamic data that narrate the real-time momentum of your event. The most common feature requests are those that focus on and encourage engagement and networking. When users have an actual identity within the event app, they’re most likely to connect and engage in the whole event experience.

Personalized profiles allow for attendees to maximize their networking experience. In addition to listing relevant contact information, social media and photos, the Conbop solution creates for each user a scannable QR code that can instantly share contact information across any device. That’s right, you can literally exchange business cards with a scan of your device. The contact information can be emailed or added directly to the devices contact list. This feature supports and fosters the ability to instantly share contact information by completely digitizing your business card. This feature can be used for peer to peer networking as well as a lead retrieval system for your vendors and exhibitors.

The Conbop generated QR sharing feature is included in all of our mobile event app packages. If you’re looking for ways to increase engagement or more ways to take your event completely paperless, schedule a free demo today.


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