How non-profits are digitizing their events and leveraging smart phones with mobile event apps

Two truths. One: Regardless of the non-profits’ mission a main goal will be to build relationships that encourage communities to embrace, support and advance their vision. Two: Smart phones are ubiquitous. Wherever you find people, you will find these devices.

How can non-profits connect these facts in a way that serves their mission and capitalizes on the ever present smart phone? Mobile event apps. Emerging technology is bringing non-profits new tools for leveraging smart phones with mobile event apps. Mobile event apps are changing the experience of conference and expo goers. They put more control and information in participants hands and give non-profits the power of real time connection along with better messaging.

Mobile event apps add a new dimension to the conference experience. They are valuable because they can give participants access to all conference or expo materials, event schedules and event presenter bios. When participants have questions or need information mobile event apps put the power of access right at their fingertips.

No more walking around looking for someone to answer questions or locate an information board. Digitizing events empowers participants to get the answers they need and have the feeling that they are in control of the conference experience. The mobile event app provides a digital outline that attendees can refer to to get the most out of your event.

Mobile event apps add convenience, too. Presenters no longer have to show up with stacks of business cards or materials. These materials can be made available through the app. Attendees have access to materials across workshops, even those they don’t attend. Another bonus, any information or new strategies they learn can then be more easily shared among coworkers so the benefit is multiplied.

Nonprofits can leverage smart phones to provide up to the minute conference and expo information and alerts. This is important for building relationship with current and potential donors and supporters. That’s because mobile event apps add to the feeling of participation and inclusion.

Add benefit for participants with advanced networking opportunities. Mobile event apps are like a Rolodex right in hand. No more lost business cards – links in hand including headshots, bios and contact information so networking is a breeze. Mobile event apps help attendees more efficiently do what they came to do – learn and make connections. And follow up is a breeze.

Mobile event apps help nonprofits leverage smart phones to build relationships with donors and supporters. Let us help you discover how mobile event apps can build the connections that advance your mission.

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