Got Leads? Your solution to the increasing demand for lead retrieval systems

Lead retrieval mobile event app

Mobile event apps give us an open line of communication between planners, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors. They deliver pertinent information, create a community around your event and digitizing your event. Our sponsors and partners rely on the use of lead retrieval solutions to prove ROI for their participation at the event. Their participation and satisfaction in connecting with attendees is the foundation of a successful event sponsorship. Ensuring our partners receive the leads they’re looking for ensures the future of our events. With Conbop, your lead retrieval system is built right into your mobile event app.

Traditionally, there have been lead retrieval scanners that sponsors and exhibitors can rent for use during the show. These systems are bulky, expensive, and don’t always deliver the relevant contact information exhibitors seek. Leveraging the power of a mobile event app with a built in lead retrieval scanner provides a more cost-effective solution, all managed within the user’s very own device. The Conbop lead retrieval solution provides full contact information, business profiles, social media information as well as notes attached to leads for post-event lead distribution. The attendee’s scans are emailed to the user as well as maintained in the user’s profile – this allows the sales team to immediately send the leads to headquarters once they’re captured or keep them digitally for future reference.

The Conbop lead retrieval solution is integrated into every package – it’s a huge value add for Convention planners that have exhibitors.  The ability to digitize our business cards and share information is the basis of an effective networking environment. Now, providing lead retrieval solutions to our exhibitors just got easier. Lead retrieval is just one of the many features included with Conbop – the all-inclusive premium mobile event app.

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