Event apps offer even more customization with “wild card” free-forms

event app

While conferences and events have a lot of general similarities and goals, their formats and needs can vary greatly. A common structure is comprised of sessions, exhibit hours, networking functions, and presentation meetings. As travel and hospitality are changing and adapting to a new flow, we’re seeing a large shift in meeting formats. Time has become scarcer and our audiences are demanding a solid ROI to their attendance. While a one-size-fits-all may work for some other programs, yours is unique and communicating this information is more important than ever.

Enter free forms – these are basically your wild card for your event app. These allow you to deliver content to your event app users that may not fall under a traditional umbrella. This information can be customized and formatted to fit in with your branded theme. This useful tool can be used to deliver varying content – from informational to collateral and all information can be updated in real-time ensuring your audience has the most current content.

Common uses for free forms include:

  • Transportation information
  • Custom agendas
  • Weather
  • Dress code
  • VIP information
  • Welcome letters
  • Off-site event instructions

Free forms give you even greater flexibility to include all of the details around your event. Leveraging your mobile event app to communicate all aspects of your event’s efforts ensures a successful attendee experience and provides a platform for direct communication.

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