Event apps lead the way in connecting buyers at tradeshows

Large trade show event sponsors and vendors need to connect with buyers, even on a crowded floor. Enter mobile apps. These are the next step in social media integration, a logical way to grab attention and help buyers see what’s in the event for them. Use mobile apps to begin a conversation with buyers that leads them to your site, booth or table. Mobile apps also mean buyers are more likely to count large trade shows as time well spent. Here’s why:

Mobile apps lead the way in connecting with buyers at large trade show events.

  • Relationships today begin and are cultivated virtually. Reliance on a variety of social media platforms affords unprecedented access to information about companies and the people behind them. As a result, the seed of the sale is often planted with the touch of one finger – long before the shake of two hands. Mobile apps let you tell buyers who you are and why they will want to do business with you.

Mobile apps level the networking playing field.

  • Smartphones and other mobile devices are never far from buyers hands. No need to wait for an introduction because you already have access to your audience. Mobile event apps use the power of ever present technology to deliver targeted messages directly to their devices.
  • Keep the conversation going with in-app chatting and personalized profiles. Mobile apps    transcend traditional marketing by using a dynamic approach. This interactive method of marketing allows for targeted responses to the real time needs of buyers for information, products or even to offer promotions.

Mobile event apps provide a tool that connects people with what they’re looking for.

  • Regardless of the recognized role during the trade show event buyer, vendor, sponsor – everyone present is concerned with some aspect of buying and selling.
  • Ultimately, people are looking for ways to make the biggest sale of all – themselves. We all want to be the kind of people others want to do business with. Personalized profiles, available to buyers and sellers, can help to make the case.
  • Mobile event apps connect people with products and services that will add value to their professional or personal lives. These apps let participants use in-app chatting and personalized profiles to craft their own story for views by colleagues and peers. Communication through mobile event apps is an easy way to polish both the professional and personal brand.

Mobile event apps foster connections between buyers and sellers. These apps make it easy to master the essential tasks of networking, marketing and cultivating business relationships. Use mobile apps to help you check off the tasks that lead to greater sales and support for your business. 

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