Custom agendas facilitate in-person networking at industry events

Event Planners wear many hats: accountant, talent scout and even match-maker. Offering your sponsors pre-determined and scheduled appointments with their target attendees has been a trend for years. Pre-assigned appointments get your attendees in front of their target vendors and provide that valuable one-on-one time that conferences are known for.  This helps the attendees make the most of their time at events, as the heavy work is done – they simply show up, take a look at their mobile event app and proceed onto their next appointments. On the other end, your sponsors are happy knowing they got in front of their target audience – it’s almost an immediate ROI in their eyes.

The future of connecting your audience to your partner/suppliers is here. Digital engagement is a valuable tool that can be leveraged to make the most of your conferences & events. Mobile event apps help bridge that gap in a way that’s intuitive and beneficial across your entire audience. Pre-scheduled appointments can be loaded into a specific attendee’s profile so they have their very own personalized schedule with them at all times. These schedules can also be integrated into their device calendars – giving them appointment reminders and alerts to keep them on task.

Assigned meetings, sessions and events help create the attendee’s conference experience. Mobile app users not only access their custom agendas, they can also access useful networking tools to connect with other attendees. Interactive functions such as in-app chatting enable immediate connectivity to other mobile app users. Photo galleries and message boards provide engagement and create a social community around the event and allow users to chronicle their conference experience. Social media integration is also incredibly useful at networking through hashtags and mentions.

All and all mobile event apps provide a new opportunity to grow and connect like never before. Maximize networking and increase engagement at your next event with a mobile event app.

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