Mobile event app for Android

Mobile Event App for Android

Mobile event apps on Android Devices

Android devices are among the most common smartphones and tablets available on the market. Most people rely on their devices to manage their lives, making it essential for businesses to reach their customers, clients and vendors through an event app for Android. ConBop was designed to perform optimally on Android devices so you can be confident in the features and functions of our product.

Engage your audience

Leveraging the power of an event app built for Android allows you to create an intuitive and sophisticated mobile app that's ready to launch when you are. Your Android event app is fully interactive and lets you instantly communicate with your audience, take surveys, and gather real time data.

Take your next event mobile

Your event app for Android can be accessed anywhere, anytime on all Android devices. An Android event app allows you to reach further audiences and increase engagement across your next conference.

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While ConBop would love to support every single version of each platform it's just not a realistic goal, as such ConBop uses the 'Current Version minus one' approach meaning we will support the most current version of the platform as well as the previous version. This does not however mean ConBop will not work on lower version it just means we may have not validated every feature on versions outside our testing scope
This will depend on the package you have selected, if you wish to have your own app icon then you will need to be on the white label package otherwise your attendees will access the app by clicking on the ConBop logo and entering their event ID

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